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Empower Me 90-Day Challenge is not about a supplement or a diet plan, it is a MINDSET for life. It is about advancement in every aspect or your life and a commitment to a better YOU. If you have the desire to make a change, we have the tools to help you make it happen. LOOK, FEEL, and BE your absolute best with ME POWER. Optimize your Life & Health NOW!

Commit to your weight/health goals by taking yourself on for 90-days through the ME POWER, EMPOWER ME Challenge. Choose between the Optimized Nutrition System that includes meal replacement/energy bars or one that doe snot have them if you have any sensitivity to nuts. The PHULL FORCE bars are delicious, healthy, all natural meal replacement bars that you can enjoy as snacks or pre/post-workout meals. 

The Optimized Nutrition System you choose for your Empower Me 90-Day Challenge will include the following:
  • Life-changing supplements and meal replacements 
  • The Optimized Nutrition meal plan that will not only help you get to your ideal weight and optimized health state, it will also help save you money on your food budget. 
  • Ambassador Dashboard to help you promote your journey with people you know
  • Access to Healthy Tips, Recipes, and Exercise Guidelines. 
  • Me Power-Empower Me Coach that is fully available to help you succeed

WIN $1,000 by having the greatest transformation and results*
Choose the Optimized Nutrition System that is right for you below

WIN $1,000 by having the greatest transformation and results*
                          • Company must have a total of 12 or more contestants per 90-Day Period to qualify throughout the company. 
                          • Must have before and after pictures with date proof (ie: hold a dated newspaper in each picture)
                          • Must use Optimized Nutrition System for 90-Days within recommended guidelines. 
                          • Must be on Autoship/Easyship Optimized Nutrition System for the 90-Day period to qualify.